Main Product and Feature
S# Description Specification
1 Name of loan product Group based small loan
2 Minimum Savings Savings is not allowed
3 Loan Size
Small Loan (6 months,1st cycle loan amount) Up to KES.20,000
Small Loan (10 months 2nd cycle loan amount) Up to KES.20,000
4 Loan term 6 months & 10 months
5 Frequency of meeting Weekly
6 1st loan disbursement After 2 weeks of enrollment
7 Amount increase per loan cycle
Small Loan (6 months) Maximum KES.10000
Small Loan (10 months) maximum KES.10000
8 Repayment frequency Weekly
9 Pay-back per week
For 06 months duration loan KES.45/thousand (25 installment)
For 10 months duration loan KES.30/thousand (40 installment)
10 Number of installments to complete repayment 25 (6 Months)
40 (10 Months)
11 Loan Insurance/Risk premium during every cycle disbursement Applicable
12 Loan insurance payment due after borrowers death Outstanding loan will be written off
13 1st repayment installment start 07 days after disbursement
14 Moratorium for festival As per Govt. Rules
15 Provision for advance repayment Last 4 installments

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